What Does Travel Mean To You?
What Does Travel Mean To You?
What Does Travel Mean To You?

To travel is my childhood dream. It gives life and happiness to me being in a new place. Watching a scene in a movie where the characters are in a very beautiful place, made me feel that I was there. I always imagine myself being in a beautiful beach, or even hiking in a mountain to see a scenic view. It feels like I want to explore the world in one dayNow, while searching for another place to visit, it pops up to my mind that I am already doing what I used to imagine when I was a child.  I have been in so many beautiful places in this world, beach, river, falls, and mountain? They became my stress reliever. Then a sudden question came into my mind, what does travel means? When you go to a different places does it mean you are traveling? Yes it is, if you will base it in a Wikipedia. But if I will ask you right now, what does travel means to you?


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A friend of mine from UK often to travel around Asia for 2 to 4 months every year just to have a break and to escape from the winter season in his place. For him, travel means visiting new places, meeting new people, and eating rice and chicken. It may sounds simple however, that what makes him excited about travel.

Another friend of mine from the Philippines whom I know that she’s working very hard not only to make a living but to save for her travel. Because for her, travel means life. It gives her a peace of mind being in a new place. I know traveling solo is challenging but for her? It is more fun!

Travel is just like love, there are so many words to describe it. But for me, it means creating life and exploring oneself. Through travel, we learn to develop ourselves to become more open, more positive and it even makes us stronger. It makes us understand life even better.  It is also a process of charging ourselves to gain more energy to face life. That's what travel means to me.

Travel is playing to me. It gives me the chance to be a kid again and explore new things. I know that is cheesy and this is even cheesier to say, but traveling has kept me young! I try to go once a year to a new place and for the most part I have kept up with that since 2009. Being in a new place just awakens your inner child and allows you to relax.


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