Fun Things to Do When You Travel with Friends
Fun Things to Do When You Travel with Friends
Fun Things to Do When You Travel with Friends

Friends are family. They are treasured and cherished persons in your life. You laugh at their silly jokes and cry with their pain. You turn to them when you are facing tough situations. How lovely would it be that at least in your lifetime you are able to travel with friends to discover one place or more with them?

Everyone makes a moment and creates time for their peers. Include it in your yearly activity to go out and travel with friends at least once or twice a year. Even if you are living separate lives and have families of their own; it is still a requirement to give a space for the old people in your life- your friends.

It would be refreshing and relaxing to get away from the world of work and stress. Escape from your routine once in a while. Go out and feel the sun-kissed you. Listen to the whisper of the wind blowing out your soul. Experience laughing out so hard and exchanging funny cracking jokes with your best buddies. One Thing to Remember: Seize the Day!

It would be very memorable spending time with them. It is also helpful and beneficial if you want to have a meaningful and beautiful life. Here is some list of activities to choose from to strengthen your bonding when you are traveling with your friends.


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Fun Things to Do When You Travel With Friends


When you travel, you always look forward doing fun things. However, you must not forget to start it with a prayer. Always remember that every moment in your life is an opportunity. An opportunity to praise and glorify God for his goodness. To travel and be able to enjoy life with friends is also an opportunity. Every moment in your life is a gift from God. Isn't it right to invite God in every way of your journey? Have time to give thanks and praise God for his kindness. With Him, your travel with friends will be more fun because you will be blessed and protected.

Souvenir Item

There are many reasons to buy souvenirs when you travel especially when you are with friends. Souvenir is not just a thing, it is a collection of memory that evokes this beautiful feeling of excitement during your travel. It opens your imagination looking back to your travel experienced. It can also be your inspiration to have more places to travel.

Word Hard But Place Harder

Even if you are grown up already, playing a game with your friends will never be boring. Traveling with friends will not be complete without it. It is a perfect time to just enjoy and have fun just like a kid. If you are the one organizing your trip, you should make sure that you have prepared a game that everybody can participate.


Not everyone likes trekking, however, if you do it with friends, you will surely going to like it. It is absolutely an amazing experience to discover a new place with friends. Trekking with friends is the perfect moment for you to share and talks about each other. It is a perfect moment to build up your relationship as friends and a chance to know each other deeper.

Make The Journey More Fun

To add more fun to your trip, then bring some jokes. Maybe one of you has this humor to make everyone laugh. However, joke sometimes is offensive so you also need to consider being sensitive in your joke. Make sure not to offend anyone otherwise, the fun will be over.

Share Experience

Each individual has a different experience in life. Sometimes we travel not just to enjoy but to release the baggage that we carry in our life. Sharing our experience with friends will help you release whatever feelings you have. It could be happiness, excitement or even pain. Sharing painful experience during your travel doesn't make it less fun. In fact, it could add more fun into it because each of you will inspire each other and will help every one of you understand each other.

Travel Documentation

Documenting your travel with friends will make the travel more fun and memorable. Sometimes, it could be the reason why you travel, to take photos or videos on your favorite spot with your favorite outfit, isn't it? Photo/video shoot is now part of lifestyle nowadays so do not go to travel without preparing for it.

Exercise Together

Exercise is boring for some, however, if you do it with friends, it would be different. There are a lot of exercises that you can do while you travel with your friends. You can enjoy the sunrise while jogging in the bay or do Zumba before breakfast, yoga in your favorite spot or even do biking while roaming around the place if available. These are just some of the exercises that you can enjoy with your friends during your trip.


Do you want an adventure? Experience the thrill and fun as you go out for a rafting with your buddies. Conquer that feeling as you play along with the great waves. Imagine yourself in one raft trying to survive the challenge. It is very fun and you will work out as a team so you will remain intact until the end. 


Who doesn't love swimming? We always look forward to a swimming activity on weekends or summer. Isn't it super fun if you go out with your bunch of friends sharing all the laugh trips and stories as you swim on your favorite beach? It is a nice thing to do if you want to catch up with your friends. Everyone can relate to it. You can do swimming, snorkeling, island hopping and any activities you can do when you are out in the sea.

Jump Shot

Jump shot is now a very popular pose! It summarizes your joy as you jump in the air expressing yourself as you step into another place. Doing jump shot with friends is funnier. You will always have a good time trip if you do signature poses showing how happy that moment was. If you will look those jump shot photographs in the future; I am pretty sure you will just smile bringing the memories back in your mind.


It is a nice bonding to bike along with friends especially if you are into a new place. You can explore the place with them and discover different spots. It is not just fun but it enables you to shed some sweat. Fun and exercise at the same time plus bonus you do it with your close friends. That is just a happy feeling. Sometimes we just need to create great moments with our best buddies.

Explore new adventure

It is exciting to try new adventure you all haven't tried yet. Think of an activity you all want to do as a peer group that will strengthen more your trust, care, and bond for each other. Think of what is common among you and try doing that adventure when you are out of travel.

Mountain climbing

I can say it is one of the most fun things to do. You don't know what lies ahead in the mountain. I tried mountain climbing with my girlfriends and the experience was great. It is, of course, a tiresome activity for first timers but definitely, this activity somehow pushes you to try harder and push yourself to reach the top.


Singing in a karaoke or videoke with your friends is a kind of experience you don't want to miss. It makes your soul alive as you sing and dance along with the music. This may sound an ordinary activity to do but if you do this along with your travel, it means a different adventure.

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