Travel as a Treasured Experience
Travel as a Treasured Experience
Travel as a Treasured Experience

Travel will surely become a hobby if everyone has the luxury of time and money. If money is not an issue, do you think visiting other places in the world would be one on your to-do list or not? Sounds interesting right? I think everyone would love to experience what it feels like to be in other places not to work but to unwind from stress, explore, and feel their way of living.

There are certain people I know including myself who just save just to visit other places. Surveys say that millions of people around the globe go for a travel. It may be for leisure, business or just a simple getaway. Some say it is just a waste of time and money. I understand that, but there are just people like me who are passionate about travel especially going to other countries. It is one of my greatest dreams to see the other side of the world. Are you one of me? Then if YES always get yourself ready to go and ready to explore how to be with other people in the globe who definitely have a different culture.

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Consider the tips and guides below. Whether it’s a long or short travel it can surely help you.

  • Be physically ready - You need to be prepared physically to make sure that your doctor allows you to go for a travel. Make sure you are in a good condition. It is better that you  took all the necessary vaccines like Hepatitis A, Flu, Typhoid etc. just to be safe. You don’t know what type of people you will encounter along the way.


  • Be Emotionally Ready - You need to have a strong character and of course a nice attitude.


  • Prepare your travel documents. Check on your passport if it is still valid or for renewal. For first time travelers, you need to check on your government agencies about the guidelines on how to process a passport.


  • Keep eye on your VISA since it is your official permission that allows you to stay in a specific country. Bring your Identification Cards, Reservations, and Itineraries, Health insurance documents if you have for emergency purposes.


  • Double check your flight details and monitors your baggage weight.


  • Pack Light - Just bring what is necessary and needed for the travel it varies from person to person so you must have a checklist on your needs.


  • Bring change money/extra cash (local and international money) and Debit or Credit Card - You have the itinerary so you have the estimated amount of money needed for the entire trip. Make sure you don’t exceed your budget.


  • Bring important gears like cellular phones, video camera, power bank, charger and extra outlet just in case.


  • Make a thorough research on the place you’re planning to visit.


  • Be vigilant on your things. Locals always know that you’re a tourist. They might take advantage with you.


  • Do not trust strangers. It is okay to make friends but do not fully give your trust especially if they are bringing you to places you are not familiar. It is better to contact a local tour guide where you can just a give a tip or you can hire a  travel planner that could help you manage your entire trip.

To fully realize your travel you have to make it happen. But how? There are sites that could help you manage your dream trip with less hassle. No more lining up in the ticketing station since booking for a travel now a day is just easy as browsing your social media accounts. It is just a click away and the itinerary is served immediately.

It is halfway of the year already!  2017 is about to end, I’m pretty sure that everybody is excited and is planning already where to go for a vacation for 2018.  Better plan it now so you have something to look forward to. Travel while you can still and enjoy all the breathtaking views the world can offer you!!!

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