Travel Documents

Travel Documents

Travel documents
are necessary when you wish to enter another country’s border. These are valuable things you need to carry along with you within the duration of your travel. What are these? Basically, these are government issued documents which include passport, visa, travel permits, and other documents which bear important information about your identity. It serves as a proof that you are a genuine citizen of one's country and that you have the authority to enter and visit a certain place. You will have no worries roaming around the place you visited if you have complete travel documents to present. It means you have a legal entry to one's country.


Passport is an important travel document that you have to carry along in your entire trip. It contains all the necessary information about a person and it contains a record of where they have traveled and of how long they have stayed in one country. Passport is as valuable as money and time so you can’t afford to lose it while you’re on travel. Processing a passport varies from country to country. You need to check on your local government the process on how to obtain one.

There are certain requirements you need to prepare before processing it. Basically, you need to get a confirmed appointment since this is one of the busiest agencies in the government due to the increasing number of citizens who want to get a passport. You have to check on your place because some countries allow having outlets where it would be convenient to you to process it.


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Types of Passport

  • Tourist passport or regular passport – It is the most common form of a passport, issued to citizens and other nationals who wish to travel another country.
  • Official Passport or Service Passport – It is a type of passport issued to government employees for work-related travel, and to their accompanying dependents.
  • Diplomatic passport – A type of passport issued to diplomats of a country and their accompanying dependents for official international travel and residence.
  • Emergency passport or temporary passport – A type of passport issued to persons whose passports were lost or stolen, without time to obtain a replacement.
  • Collective passport – This type of passport is issued to defined groups for travel together to particular destinations, such as a group of school children on a school trip.
  • Family passport – This is a kind of passport issued to an entire family. There is one passport holder, who may travel alone or with other family members included in the passport. A family member who is not the passport holder cannot use the passport for travel without the passport holder.


Passport Process Reference


VISA is an endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities denoting that it has been examined and that the bearer may proceed”. It always comes with a passport. There are countries that require a visa when you enter on their border. There are also some countries that do not require a visa. It is a travel document that allows a person to stay in a specific country specifying the inclusive dates they are allowed to stay, the places they are allowed to visit, the number of permitted visits and the type of visa being granted.

There are types of VISA and it is important that you understand and you know the purpose of your trip because that would be your basis on what type of visa you are going to process. It is necessary also that you have the requirements prior to processing it. It varies from country to country. If you are traveling into a country that requires a visa it is important that you process it months before your scheduled travel to avoid delays issuing it. You need to pass on the embassy before you can obtain it.

Types of Visa

  • Student Visa-  a kind of visa issued to those who wish to study to another country.
  • Transit Visa-  a type of visa issued for passing through a country. Its validity is limited by short terms.
  • Private Visa – it is issued for private visits by invitation from residents of the visited country.
  • Tourist visa – it is a type of visa issued for a limited period of leisure travel and strictly you are not allowed to do business activities with this type of visa.
  • Visa for medical reasons –  issued for undertaking diagnostics or a course of treatment in the visited country's hospitals.
  • Business visa – is a type of visa issued for engaging in commerce in the country.
  • Working Holiday visa – is a visa issued to individuals allowing people to undertake temporary work while traveling.
  • Athletic or artistic visa - is issued to athletes and performing artists performing at competitions, concerts, shows and other events.
  • Refugee visa – it is a kind of visa issued to persons fleeing the dangers of a war or a natural disaster.
  • Working visa–it is issued for working purposes.
  • Student visa-  allows you to study at an institution of higher learning in the issuing country.
  • Temporary worker visa - is issued for approved employment in the host country.
  • Residence visa – is a type of visa granted to people obtaining long-term residence in the host country.
  • Immigrant visa – a visa granted for those who wants to immigrate to the issuing country.
  • Spouse visa– it is granted to the spouse, civil partner of a citizen of a given country to enable the couple to settle in that country.
  • Marriage visa- a kind of visa granted for a limited period before intended marriage or civil partnership based on a proven relationship with a citizen of the destination country.
  • Official visas – it is issued to officials doing jobs for their governments or otherwise representing their countries in the host country, such as the personnel of diplomatic missions.