Rediscover Your Purpose Through Travel
Rediscover Your Purpose Through Travel
Rediscover Your Purpose Through Travel

Is there a time in your life that you feel confused? bothered? Or empty? Did you ever wish to change your life in an instance? Are there moments that you feel something are missing? How did you cope with this kind of anxiety? The moment you ask yourself what is my purpose in life? How do you handle it?


There are various factors why you feel that way. It could be that you are not happy with your job, your relationship; family issues or you have issues within yourself. The moment you begin to evaluate yourself; you begin to awaken yourself to the truth. What truth? It is for you to discover.


Some people know what to fill the empty spaces in their life. They fill it in with good memories. Some opt to travel to see what it feels like to be lost on the other side of the world. Do you believe that traveling could somehow help you to rediscover your purpose?

When you decide to explore more of yourself; you prefer to go for a trip, isn’t it? Doing fun and adventures give you refreshment. It conditions your mind and body. Traveling alone somehow could bring you more closely to yourself.

Take your soul into your dream place and plan a vacation where you can find more time for yourself. This is the perfect moment to re-evaluate your plans and to reflect. Ask yourself this question. “Where am I at this point in my life?” You may find it weird but do it facing in the mirror. Give yourself that positive self-talk. You might laugh at the idea but It helps.

Do you know that travel makes your soul grow because it helps you appreciate things? It helps you develop your self-esteem and self-trust. When you go out and create fun memories it gives you a better perspective on life.


Follow These Tips  in Knowing Your Purpose in Life:

  • Write your reflections and what you feel when you travel - Make a journal about the happenings you encounter and the experiences you have because it always makes sense. It will inspire you to create more memories with yourself. After all, you would always want to look back on good memories.
  • Do a list of your goals - Make a list of your short and long term goals since this will be your guide on your next move. Your goals will be your compass and would lead you in doing better things. Furthermore, these goals will help you get motivated every day. It probably serves as your inspiration as well.  Always do a review of your written goals every time you feel down.
  • Ask yourself what do you want to achieve in life? - This will give you a clear picture of what kind of future you are looking forward to since it helps you think deeper. In addition to this, you will realize that every second count and there is no more room for complacency.
  • Think of your passion - Follow what your heart says and do things that can make you happy because that is the most important thing to always consider.  If you live with your passion then everything else will just follow. You rather do nothing than doing things you do not love.
  • Commit to doing things that would give meaning to your life - Be careful in choosing your activities because what you plant now will define your future.  Only do those things that give emphasis to you and prefer only those that would bring you closer to your goals.
Re-evaluating purpose at the beach   Purpose Awakening  

Interesting read and I could relate so much here. I personally travel and go for adventure when ever I feel low, when I really need to check my goals and find the purpose of life.

Such a beautiful and inspiring post, definitely something we all need to consider. I especially like the idea of finding meaning in everything you do, this is something I need to work on personally.

Great post! I agree about writing. I used to not do a lot of it but since I’ve started blogging I’ve found writing is a good way to sort out some things and work through them.

I’ve recently been through some very difficult times, and have started travelling again to try and remind myself of who I am and what it means to be me, rather than living in the shadow of the bad memories. So I can fully relate to this post! Thanks for sharing x

some lovely quotes and photos. I feel like travel is my purpose – or maybe exploring is my purpose as well as living life to its full and that for me is through travel.

There is just so much discovering that needs to be done. I feel that there is more to discover about ourselves than about the world. Yet by traveling the world be gain access to a part of ourselves that we never knew existed. Twisted philosophy I know but I believe in it.

Amen to that!! This is EXACTLY what I’m hoping to do through the creation of my own little blog – I’m Learning to Adventure as a journey of self discovery. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks travel is the answer to life.

Hi Laura, you can really start doing a blog on your own. You just need to be patient in learning new things and ideas.

This is our story. My husband quit his desk job to follow his passion flying, and it opened up doors for us to travel the world. I agree that travel brings the kind of self-reflection that doesn’t happen if you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

I should work on writing my reflections during my travels. I often wait and never get back to writing about it!

Enjoyed this read. I definitely thing travel has stretched my mind, presented me with alternate opinions and cultural values, and forced me to consider their validity. Travel takes me out of the known and predictable. The times I’ve been on my own for a stretch, it also gives me time in my own mind. Really valuable experience, and being purposeful in the way you describe is a great addition!

Hi, that’s an interesting read. I agree with travel being a good solution to feeling low and confused in life. Even if you travel solo (actually, especially if you travel solo), being out of your comfort zone and feeling like a different person in a completely new place, always helps in getting perspective. As they say – when in doubt, travel! 🙂

Traveling is my way of dealing stress in life. Everyone can really go to their dream place. We just have to plan it.


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