Parenting is More Fun When You Travel
Parenting is More Fun When You Travel
Parenting is More Fun When You Travel

Taking care of children are one of the toughest jobs in the world. Raising them is a serious task to do.  You need to always set aside your own personal time for yourself to make time for your children. Isn’t it a great feeling to share precious moments with them?

Live In The Moment

Paint your children’s mind with positive thoughts and positive activities that will mold your bond and closeness to them. Time evolves so fast try to live in the moment. One day you will just wake up seeing them grown and they started to create their own decisions in life. That day will come that you will miss them and you will regret those time you were busy and was not able to make time for them. Someday your kids will have their own lives and will live on their own independently. Are you ready for that moment?

1.) Play & Make Time

Play with your children and always make time for them. Always make time for it because that is the only time they will feel they are important and that you are giving them attention. Do you remember those times you are seriously busy and your kids ask you to go out or play with their toys? Do you remember those times you said “next time baby”? Yes, your kids may understand the situation but that moment you deprived them your time is a total no, no! They will start to create that feeling of rejection and they will instill that in their mind and heart if they are not properly guided on how to feel on the situation. Prioritize your kids and your family always. There is no sense of being busy if you will end up losing time for them.

Play the following with your kids:

  • volleyball
  • charades
  • monopoly
  • badminton
  • basketball
  • hide and seek


2.) Travel and Create New Memories

Always plan a vacation with your entire family once or twice a year. It is perfect if you book your trip in the summer. It a great time you can intimately enjoy with them. They will be proud sharing it with their friends how happy and fun it is when you are together. Your kids will always value those moments you shared with them.

3.) Communicate more often

It is one way to connect with them. Always make them feel comfortable and that their personal issues are always your concern. Make them feel they are secure and protected. As parents, you should be your kids’ best friends but not to the point they will lose that respect. Keep that gap. Just make them feel that they can trust you and their secrets are safe with you. Communication is the secret of having a good relationship with your children. They will really appreciate it knowing that you are always available anytime if they need someone to talk to.

 4.) Create New Hobby

This is will excite and ignite your bonding. Doing things together will strengthen your bond to your children. Pick a routine you both would love. You can do sports or engage in outdoor activities you will all enjoy. Creating new hobby will make you know more about your children. You will discover what they are good into and what they are capable of doing.

 5.) Empower and Praise them

Always encourage your children. Remember, how powerful your words to them so make sure you know how to interact with your kids. Discipline them in a way that will lead them to a good life. Be a good example to them. They will copy what you do so make sure you are the model to your growing kids.

Sunset with love
Mother and Son
Happiest Time

I have said that I wanted to adopt for many years now. I feel like I can do more for a child that way, as weird as it sounds. So my husband and I intend on adopting down the road. I agree with everything you mentioned here. A lot of people seem to overlook such small details with their children and then they grow up to feel lost. Play time and interactions such as hugs, and holding hands goes such a long way.

Yeah, I definitely agree with you Britanica. We need to create time for them so they can remember us always.


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