Moalboal is located in the South of Cebu. Being in this place is such a great escape from the city to paradise. You will surely love its stunning beaches and admire the tranquility of the place while you gaze the beautiful horizon witnessing as the sun kissed the ocean. This place is a perfect getaway if you travel with friends.

This is always an option for a team outing, family gathering, friends' getaway or lovebirds' escape. This place is a nice option for relaxation and fun!

Try These Adventures!

Island Hopping- One boat can occupy 10-15 persons. Aside from the fun, one advantage if you travel with your best buddies, is you can save money. It is better if you sail early so you can still enjoy the dolphins in the ocean. Usually, they come out between 8:00am-10:00 am in the morning. Once you reach Pescador better known as the Diving Paradise in Moalboal you can start snorkeling. You will be amazed at the sea view. Enjoy the different colorful sea creatures, the coral garden, and the different breed of fish. You can also go to the part where you can swim with the sea turtles and experience taking a picture under the sea with the school of sardines.

Book $1000 flight for $20

Moalboal Sea ViewDrop Off to Kawasan Falls -T0 make it more fun and satisfying seized your tour by dropping off in the Kawasan Falls. You will be fascinated with the place and be stunned by the turquoise water! You can go on a canyoneering tour if you have plenty of time and get more fun and a bit of excitement. Dipped yourself into the ice cool water. You will surely enjoy this haven.


If you visit Cebu then don't miss to book a trip at this places for a complete, satisfying vacation. Try these adventures to release that stress within you. Feel the beauty of nature and be mesmerized with your one of a kind experience.

Experience Isla Pescador the diving spot only in Moalboal!