Lovebirds On Travel
Lovebirds On Travel
Lovebirds On Travel

To travel is to live and to live is to cherish all the beautiful things under the sun! The most wonderful feeling in the world is to be in love, isn’t it? In love with your family, your passion, your friends, everything you engaged yourself into.  How great would it be to travel with the person you love. Lovebirds on travel, isn't it amazing?

Your relationship to other people perhaps may just come and go but you have the power to make every relationship last for a lifetime. It is for you to decide if you want to keep your relationship or let it go and start over again with another relationship. Life is too short for you to end up looking for another love when in fact it is just right there beside you. All you need to do is to make it work and one way to make your relationship stronger is to travel.

You may often hear this cliche that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. What does this mean? Men and Women are two different creatures. We may not often understand each other but we need to make both ends meet halfway. To love is to understand beyond each other’s differences. There are ways that will help couples recharge the intimacy in their relationship.

Did you know that one of the most effective tips of knowing each other more is when you travel togetherWhen you go out as a couple and be in a place you both not familiar with, your bonding could be very great. You will work as a team and have to agree on things like working on your budget, deciding where to go and where to eat. You will have more time to talk about your plans and goals in your relationship. Even laugh together at the funniest moment.

Together you will enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. You will have the most intimate time together experiencing all the great feelings you have inside. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you hold each other’s hand strolling around in the place trying to discover what’s more on it? When you woke up and your partner is the first person you see and you are both away from stress and call of work?

Dear couples you have to decide on how to make most out of your relationship. Busy is just a thing and you are both in control always in all the situations that you may face along the way. The important thing is even if how busy you are, you must make time for your partner. And the best thing to do is to be away and be in a place you will both love to explore at least once or twice a year. Be like lovebirds that fly as high as they can to explore and to see the world’s beautiful view together. You must be a couple that works as one making every experience a memorable one.

Travel as a couple and I guarantee you it will be one of the best times of your life. A life history you created that you will never ever regret. Be lost in a place and make everything as romantic and as sweet as you can be. Put that intimacy back and get recharge. It is a perfect start of the year to plan for lovebirds get away and be in love over and over again with your one and only best friend and partner in life! Make it work and you will love each other even more!

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I have always traveled with my best friend and couldn’t agree that traveling together is one of the best way to keep in touch and connected with each other. Thanks for sharing this!

You are right, traveling with someone helps you get to know them better, but sometimes, some travelling companions can reveal themselves to be not so nice 🙂 Thank you for your post

Traveling with a partner is great but I guess it can be a mess if you are not a travel match 😀 When my husband and me traveled first times together, it was already quite cool but we did had different expectations and needs; we grow together with time and now we are the best travel buddies. Luckily the kids are on board as well 😀

There is no person I would travel with than my partner! We have learned so much about each other traveling, and it has definitely strengthened our relationship.

Couldn’t agree more! Me and my partner have been travelling together for the past 8 years and love experiencing new places together. Love your video too!

You are so right – To travel with someone is really to get to know them. I do love solo travel though, but traveling with someone else does give one a different perspective of so many things.


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