Museums in Kowloon

Kowloon Museums

If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, you’ll most likely pass through the town of Kowloon. It’s one of the urban centers and currently, has a population over two million. It’s also a popular tourist destination as it boasts versatile landscape such as mountains and the beautiful Victoria Harbor. In addition to the landscape, Kowloon has many interesting museums for scholars traveling abroad! Kowloon museums became one of the most famous landmarks in Hongkong.

Hong Kong Space Museum

One of the most recognizable and famous attractions in the city, the Hong Kong Space Museum is a beautifully shaped building with an egg-shaped dome. It is managed by the Chinese Government, specifically the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The structure was completed in 1980. It spans nearly 2 acres. Rumors say this was the first museum to popularize astronomy through planetariums. The museum boasts two wings, encompassing marvels such as the Hall of Science, the Space Theatre, the Hall of Astronomy, and an impressive Lecture Hall; as well as offices, workshops and gift shops.


Hong Kong Space Museum Kowloon museums


Aside from being the first local planetarium to arouse interest in space and astronomy, the planetarium was also the first in the world to boast a completely automated control system. Shows featured in the planetarium are translated into several languages: Japanese, Mandarin, Chinese, and English. The impressive quality of the images is well renowned.


The Hall of Science boasts three main attractions, the Early Rockets Area, the Space Station Area and the Ancient Astronomical History Area. It presents a wonderful timeline of humans forays into space. Interactive attractions such as the gyro in the Launch Vehicles Area features a gyro chair that can be controlled by visitors and a multi-stage rocket.


In addition to attractions and interesting architecture, the museum also boasts collections of meteorites and additional family activities. 

Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum boasts 500 exhibits spanning over five major themes; these themes include natural science, life science, technology, the exhibition’s introduction and a children’s gallery. The museum opened in 1992 and has since become a place of deep scientific knowledge and insight. Each floor of the museum caters to a certain type of study. The first floor has an impressive structure called The Energy Machine. It is 72 feet tall.

Hong Kong Science Museum

The Energy Machine is one of the largest Energy Machines in the world; it a machine that demonstrates the movement and transformation of energy. The rest of the first-floor features displays concerning the computer sciences such as general computing and artificial intelligence. The second floor depicts daily technologies such as Home Technology, Telecommunications, and Food Science. One of the more popular attractions is on this floor, the first Hong Kong airliner, the DC 3 Airplane. You don’t have to simply look at the attraction as it's interactive and you can get a chance to learn how to fly it. The third floor focuses on green energy conservation and details the issues we face today as a result of overusing fossil fuels.

In addition to these attractions are exhibition halls, gift shops, offices, bookstores and resource centers.


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