Hongkong is one of the top tourist destination in the world with its famous Disneyland. Everyone loves to visit this place because of its stunning view and affordable tour around the city. Everyone wants to be lost in this beautiful zone. You need more than one day to go around the place. You will surely be enjoying all the rides. Meeting up with the Disney characters is so much fun too. The place is surrounded by its vibrant theme and of course, the most awaited part of the day is the fireworks display at night. It is a place you will always want to go back for you will surely leave your heart on it. Include this magical place in your getaway trip this year 2017.

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Kowloon is a city in Hong Kong. It’s home to rich culture and beautiful landscapes such as the Kowloon Park and various Hong Kong historic museums.


In Kowloon History, Kowloon Park was a military base known as Vitoria Harbor. It was renamed into Whitfield Barracks when it was conquered by British in 1861. Sir David Trench, the governor of Hongkong at the time, decided to demolish the former buildings and structures to create a park which is now called Kowloon Park.

Kowloon is one of the urban centers and currently, has a population over two million. It’s also a popular tourist destination as it boasts versatile landscape such as mountains and the beautiful Victoria Harbor. In addition to the landscape, Kowloon has many interesting museums for scholars traveling abroad!


Hong Kong Space Museum                 Hong Kong Science Museum


Hong Kong Space Museum     Hong Kong Science Museum

Another attraction in Kowloon is the two well-celebrated Kowloon Festivals held annually, the Monkey King Festival and the Mid-Autumn or Moon Cake Festival. Both festivals are held during the fall months and are scheduled around the Lunar calendar.


Monkey King Festival                               Mid-Autumn Festival


Monkey King Festival Mid-Autumn


Traveling in Hongkong must be fun especially in Kowloon, however, it will not be complete without shopping.  Shopping is one of the common itineraries that excites traveler when visiting a new place, especially for women. If you're around Hongkong, you should not miss visiting Kowloon Markets as it gives you a variety of options in affordable price. Kowloon has this day and night markets. These are street bazaars that operate from late in the day to late at night. It’s usually more laid back than traditional shops and has move open stalls than its conservative counterparts. 

Other Place To Do In Hongkong?

  • Go to Disneyland - This is the most favorite destination in Hongkong where you can find all your favorite Disney Characters. You can also pick the kind of ride that you would love to take your soul away.
  • Visit Ocean Park - It feels like you are in the SeaWorld with its oceanarium. You will be amazed by the different sea creatures just in front of your eyes.
  • Be up in Victoria Peak - If you want to see the beauty of Hongkong then consider this place. You will be mesmerized with the spectacular cityscape view. There are telescopes available for you to have a close-up view of the place.
  • See the Big Buddha by walking up to 268 steps - Tian Tan Buddha is formerly known as world’s tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha statue.
  • Visit Lantau Island - This is the largest island in Hongkong.
  • Drop by at Po Lin Monastery - This is also found on Lantau Island. This is a Buddhist Monastery which houses the 3  bronze statues of the Buddhas.
  • Experience Ngo Ping 360 - Riding on this is already a challenging experience. You can get into this cable car to traverse you to the Lantau Island and to the Big Buddha. It is just in the same place.
  • Feel like a Celebrity when you visit the "Avenue of the Stars" - It is a place which has the same concept with the one in Hollywood " Walk of Fame" which gives tribute to celebrities of Hongkong Film Industry.
  • Experience Hongkong Space Museum - Discover what is more up there in the sky and find out what is more in Science with this super cool place.
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple - This is one of the major attraction in Hongkong. A sacred place everyone would not miss to visit.