Who Loves Grape?
Who Loves Grape?
Who Loves Grape?

Grape is a tiny berry tag as the queen of fruits with its health benefits that is why we include this in our diet. Who doesn’t love the taste of the grape? Who can afford to deny this one kind of a fruit in the world? For grape lover out there, good news! There is another place to add to your list of choices where you can buy and enjoy grape benefits because you can get it yourself from its vineyard. Do you want to know where?

There is a wide vineyard for grapefruits somewhere in Rama Compound, San Nicolas, Basak, Pardo Cebu, Philippines. This 40-year old vineyard is owned by Miguel-Milagros Family. You can go there during harvest time which happens every 3-4 months after being planted and pick your grapefruits for just 150.00 pesos per kilo. They made this as their family business and was passed from generation to generation. The price is so reasonable and you will have the experience harvesting the fruit.

If you happen to visit Cebu Philippines and you want to try harvesting your own grapefruits then this vineyard welcomes you with an exciting and memorable experience. To go there you can take a cab or a jeep from Colon to Basak. Once you arrived Basak Pardo you can ask the locals where you can find the vineyard.  Make your trip to Cebu even more exciting exploring other places. You will surely enjoy the queen city of the South.

Grape Benefits

  1.  Health Benefits - It aids indigestion,  migraine, kidney disorders, asthma,  infections, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease,  breast cancer, and prevents eye degeneration.
  2. Hair Benefits - Helps lighten scars, makes skins supple, combats uneven skin tone, reverse aging.
  3. Skin Benefits -  treatment for hair loss, imparts shine to limp dead hair, provides volume to hair, fights stubborn dandruff.
  4. Ingredients for Recipes - Some cooking recipes use grapes or grape oil to make the taste of the food more delicious and healthy as well.
Harvesting Grape Fruit Experience
Harvesting Grape Fruit Experience
Harvesting Grape Fruit Experience
Harvesting Grape Fruit Experience


The Pyramid

The next dining destination in Cebu City, Philippines. The place itself is very relaxing with its spectacular and sophisticated architecture design.

Mactan Island

Mactan Island is where the great explorer Magellan and the Muslim King Lapu-Lapu had a battle. The place offers a wide choice of recreational activities.

Bantayan Island

One of the most visited places in the Philippines particularly in Cebu because of its beaches blessed with white sands.


A place where you can sit, relax, and be mesmerize with these beautiful, elegant, and admirable white artificial roses.

Wow I had no idea that grapes could actually help with hair loss! Are these just grapes in certain areas or in general? I have been having issues with my hair and I am trying to grow it out healthy and strong. I started eating sunflower seeds but I do enjoy grapes! I will have to get some next time I go to the market. I am going to make sure my sister tries some when she is in the Philippines. I heard they taste better there.

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