The Easter Travel Challenge
The Easter Travel Challenge
The Easter Travel Challenge

The Holy Week in modern days means travel time. It usually culminates on an Easter Sunday. This is one of the most festive events for Christians since this is the time they commemorate Jesus’ Resurrection from death. Traditionally, this is the moment you spend a time to reflect and you participate in activities related to the occasion.   Some usually go home to their provinces and make time with family due to the long vacation. Family and friends reunited and catch up with each other!

Family Time

Easter Travel Challenge

But as time evolves, new generations get excited when the holy week comes because for some it means “travel/vacation time”. We knew ahead in the calendar when exactly holy week falls so mostly have planned ahead or booked ahead where to spend the long vacation. Some have plans already where to spend their year 2018 Holy Week Vacation.

 Be Aware of the Following When You Choose to Travel on these Days.

  • These are rush days and peak season.
  • Expect fully booked in almost all types of transportation, hotels, and even with car rentals.
  • If you wish to go to other places other than your province make sure you already arrange your travel plans to avoid wasting money and time.
  • You can always hire a travel planner to help you with your itineraries.

This is also the point of the year that we are all reminded how Christ sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins. We also need to honor it wherever we go. You can always find a quiet place where you can pray. Find time to praise him for all the goodness He has brought to you and to this world.


Whatever religion we are into, we are given this time of the year to get a chance to do these things.

  •  Giving Him time.
  •  Evaluating ourselves to where we are at this point in our lives.
  •  Getting closer to Him by reflecting and meditating His words.

Travel with Christ in your heart. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what you are into. What matter is wherever you go; you have Him in your heart. The joy, happiness, and contentment you will feel are beyond satisfaction if you honor Him with your travel.  Remember, what Jesus did when He was still on earth? Jesus keeps on traveling to preach the Holy Words. You can always copy what He does. Challenge yourself to share God’s words if you wish to spend your Easter Sunday somewhere you love. Leave God’s words to few people you meet. You will never know that through sharing God's words, you have help people changed their way of living.

God bless us all!



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