Challenge Yourself
Challenge Yourself
Challenge Yourself

Reaching this age gave me a meaningful sense of what life is supposed to be. I couldn't be more thankful enough with all the things I happened to feel and see. It may sometimes an unending series of a roller coaster ride. You need to challenge yourself because at any point you may experience that you're in the top and out of a sudden drops you off with that strange feeling inside.

Life is tough and you may end up with frustrations and desperation if you don't know how to play with it. You have to know how to take it lightly. In every journey, you should know what route to take. There may be a lot of circumstances that you have to face. You may experience victory that makes you feel you are above the clouds and there are moments you may doubt yourself.

Take challenge to develop yourself this year and it would help you move your feet forward. Try things you have never tried before and be amazed how you surpass everything along the way.

It is important that you are able to cope with your fear. The fear that only you who knows. Try to spend a while reflecting on your inner self. Do this and it will lead you to more self-discovery. Spend time with yourself and know yourself more.

Try this motivating, exciting and challenging activities that would push you out. Life is too short not to enjoy. Don't get yourself stuck with work not enjoying at all. YOU always deserve a break once in a while.

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1.) Challenge yourself to travel Alone.

Book a trip that would take you to the place you've always dream. In this way, you will be able to develop your self-trust. You will be amazed at yourself that you were able to conquer a place all alone.

See the world

2.) Challenge yourself to learn a New Language.

It is hard but very challenging not understanding at all but trying to learn a new a language and be able to accomplish it on time is great!

Be with other races

3.) Challenge yourself to take a road trip.

During your short off, go for a road trip with your friends or family. It would be a great time to spend with each other. It may be hard to reunite once you all have your own stuff to do but it will be worth it. Through this, you may discover an extraordinary places that you would not even thought it existed.

Take a road trip

4.) Challenge yourself to climb a mountain.

Choose a mountain to climb. It drives you to reach the highest peak without giving up. Just like how you face your everyday trials in life. You have to face all the obstacles along the way and came out a bolder person.

Beauty of the world

5.) Challenge yourself to ride on a cruise ship.

This would be a dream come true to anyone. Be able to cruise and experience riding on a luxurious ship enjoying all the facilities inside. You will meet different people from different countries. It's going to be fun.

Cruising is life

6.) Challenge yourself to do skydiving.

It may so scary and risky but it will unleash the fierce inside you. Achieving this would somehow boost your self-confidence. Being able to conquer the sky might be the most challenging yet fulfilling activity that you can have.

Experience the thrill

7.) Challenge yourself to try Bungee Jumping.

Not everyone loves this but if you want to be more adventurous, you will never let this pass by.

Feel the beat of your heart

Written in a cold breezy seashore while enjoying my cup of coffee at Carmen Cebu.

Such a great post, I want to climb a mountain so badly. I think I would feel so accomplished at the top. I would also love to go on a cruise

I love this post!! I am all about challenging myself to all of these except the cruise, bungee jumping and skydiving! LOL I am far too chicken to do those things, but I would LOVE to do the others!!

I agree with Natasha, traveling alone would be scary and would definitely be challenging for me. In saying that, I haven’t tried almost all of the above.. This has got me thinking 🙂


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