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What Does Travel Mean To You?

To travel is my childhood dream. It gives life and happiness to me being in

One Thing to Remember: Seize the Day!

“Seize the day!”I first heard this line when I watched the movie Death Poet Society.

Live in the Moment

Life is a gift! Live it! Feel it and enjoy it! Travel as often as

3 Things You Should Never Miss in Your Life

Life is too short! Familiar cliche? But this line makes you reflect on how far

Traveling Alone is Challenging

I’ve read so many articles online about how fun and self-satisfying it would be to

Things To Do on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, Hearts Day, Lovers Day, whatever you call it; it means the same to

10,000 Roses Cafe: Save to Last!

Looking for a perfect spot? Consider visiting this newly Cebu tourist spot, the Cafe Shop

Explore the World in One Day

Do you want to see the world’s featured places? Then consider visiting Tubo World Square

Beautiful Places For Your Dream Vacations

Book $1000 flight for $20 Going for a vacation is fun as it gives you

Challenge Yourself

Reaching this age gave me a meaningful sense of what life is supposed to be.