Believe That You Can
Believe That You Can
Believe That You Can

Life has full of surprises! You can never predict what tomorrow brings. From the moment you were born; no one knows what your future holds. Your parents or guardians who nurture and guide are always at your side no matter what happens until you reach your dreams and desires in life. However, as time passes by and you grow mature, you completely own your decisions in life. You just need to trust in yourself and believe that you can. Choose to do the things that would make your life whole and complete.

As years passed by, you learned to detach yourself from your home and from the shadow of your parents/guardians. Then suddenly, you discover so many things in the world and you begin to know yourself more. As you live independently, the more that you believe in yourself and you experience the reality of life. There are moments of victory, pain, happiness, loneliness, and sadness. You may stumble so many times, commit mistakes, and make wrong decisions but even if how many times you fall what's important is you learn to stand up and start all over again.

Learn to shape your goals and dreams in life and take steps to realize your wishes and desires. Follow different tracks and listen to different mentors and advisers and learn to make your own solid decisions that would take you to where you are supposed to be. In your search for your purpose, you tend to try different things. Keep on searching and searching everywhere. You are so busy looking for something that you forget to listen to your inner-self.

Sometimes all you need is a short pause, go out into a place where you can recharge and restart. Try to inhale all the good ideas and exhale all the bad vibes in your life. The best way to start a life is to start making your own journey to happiness. Try to travel in your dream place. Sometimes, in the moments of doubts and confusions, you just need to rediscover your purpose through travel.  As you go into a place, feel and appreciate the beauty of nature, stop thinking too much and just sit and relax. In that way, you learn to appreciate what you see that makes you love and appreciate your life more. As you do this, you are giving yourself a time to be at peace.

Every day you face different trials and challenges. As you fight for your dreams, there will be many obstacles that you need to surpass. No matter how hard it is, how difficult, and impossible it may seem; you can always do it by the grace of the Lord. Remember that you are limitless. You can always do what you think only if you believe that you can.

Determine what your dreams are and begin to spend each day doing things that will help you realize it. Always love your dreams. Be guided by your passion in achieving it. Do not give up every time you felt tired and exhausted because if you entertain negative energies, it will bring you down. In the moment of doubts, there are many places you can choose from to unwind so you can thoroughly review and think where you are at the point of your life. There will be many tempting moments that would drag you down and would make you give up but as long as you believe that you can, you can always have it in time. If you trust in yourself and your God-given gift, there are no reasons for you not to reach your goals and dreams in life.

So don’t stop chasing your dreams. Always say YES to it and always look at yourself being on top of the mountain overseeing all that bumpy roads you’ve passed just to get into the peak! All you need to do is to believe in yourself! Believe that you can and everything else will follow.

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