Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is one of the most visited places in the Philippines particularly in Cebu because of its beaches blessed with white sands. This place is located in northern Cebu which has been tagged as the "mini-Boracay".

Bantayan Island

How to go to Bantayan Island from Cebu City?


  • Go to North Bus Terminal. You can just ride a jeepney. If you are from Colon, Ride 01k or if from Ayala any jeepney that will go to Mandaue having a route to the Terminal. You can also ride a taxi that would cost you less than a hundred.


  • Once you are in the terminal, you have the option to ride a Bus with a sign board "Hagnaya". The bus fare would depend if you are riding an ordinary or air-conditioned bus but for sure it will cost you not more than Php 150.00. You have the option to ride on a V-Hire too. Just ask the driver if the van is heading to Hagnaya.
  • Once you arrived in the Terminal Port, purchase right away a ticket in the station bound to Sta. Fe. You have the option if what ferry to ride but for sure it will not cost you more than Php200.00. The journey will take you an hour.
  • When you arrived at the Port of Sta. Fe you can contact your service if you have reserved for one or if not, you can just commute. There are tricycles and motorcycles that would take you to your chosen place to stay. It will just cost you less than Php 50.00
  • The food there is just very affordable. Just make sure you know how to choose what to eat.
Once you are there, you can rent for a bike or motorbike for only Php 150.00- Php 200.00 and have it as your service for 24 hours. Then, you can go and roam around the places and explore Bantayan.

Why I Love Bantayan?

Visiting this place has always been my dream when I was in high school. I heard many beautiful stories and comments about how beautiful the beaches there. Gazing its crystal blue water while walking in the sand makes me feel I am in a paradise. I always desire to go there every holy week since that is their town fiesta but of course, my mom will never ever allow. To travel and be in other place is really a thing that makes my soul happy and alive even if my mom disagrees most of the time.

Well last year, it was a surprise! Thanks to my two friends who decided to celebrate their birthday in Bantayan Island. It was an experience I will never ever forget. Spending two days of my life in that sanctuary was a blast and a dream come true! I was not wrong of my thoughts about the place. It meets my expectations.

We checked in at one of the best resorts. The place gave us the comfort that we need. From the room, food, and the ambiance of the place, everything was just perfect! Imagine being in the place with your bunch of friends? Isn’t it super fun.

 Check on our 2-day Fun Activities:

  • Bike Experience

It’s nice to be back on a two-wheel-drive. I can still remember the first time I learned how to ride a bike when I was just 5 years old. With all the struggles and falls; I made it and it was a very fun experience finding myself on balance. To do it with friends was even more fun. We shared the laughter and the joy as we bike along in the places of Bantayan. There are many bikes and motorbikes for rent. The place is safe also. It was absolutely the most fun thing I ever did with them.

  • Day Swimming

It was not just fun but super fun because I enjoyed the water with the kids. We took underwater shots and videos. I like that feeling stepping on that soft fine white sand and feel how it soothes my feet.

  • Night Swimming

It was the highlight of the night. We soaked in the water and we just had fun. That was my first ever night swimming adventure and I can say it was a beautiful experience. I let my body float; I felt the buoyancy of the water pushing my body. The feeling was remarkable when I was enjoying the calmness of the sea while gazing the moon and the stars. Bantayan is perfect for night swimming since there are other people around, music in the place and it is a safe zone.

  • Eating Seafood

Fresh and Delicious seafood delighted our hungry souls. It has a variety of seafood at a very affordable price. We enjoyed eating it together gathering around and sharing our life’s experiences.

  • Charades by the sea

We played charades while we enjoy our night swimming. Doing it in the water is more fun. It was a night full of joy. We didn’t think of anything else but just to give ourselves a time to laugh and play.

  • Drinking session

To ignite the fun, bring on some alcohol to fill the night with many jokes and stories. Conversation is more interesting if there is a little alcohol warming up your body.

  • Photo-shoot/Video Shoot

The place is perfect for a photo shoot because of its stunning view.  To look back on old memories through pictures will drive you to do more in life. We got good shots worth keeping.

  • Sunrise/Sunset Experience

It has a perfect view of sunrise and sunset. Sunrise reminds me of my birth. I always look up for the many sunrises to come in my life. It feels great to be able to witness the beautiful beginning of every day. Sunset reminds me of doing things you love every day so you will never regret ending each day hanging around doing nothing. Life is short; you will never know when it will end so live life to the fullest.

  • Meeting new friends.

Bantayan is one of the favorite spots of many tourists. I remembered we met a foreign couple with their child as we dined in for breakfast in the restaurant. The kid was so sweet. He liked me and he even wanted it when I carried him and let him sit in my lap. The couple was a traveler from Scandinavia. I was not just able to remember their names but these two people inspire me to travel more. They give me that impression that no matter where you are in the world or whatever is your race if you have the passion for doing what you love to do then absolutely you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible if you have the determination and the will to do the things that can make you complete and happy.

Enjoy this heaven! Never miss this place if you are in Cebu! This is one of the top places to visit. A place to consider for a perfect summer and get away trip. Watch this video for you to have a sneak peek of the place.

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