You always hear about how such-and-such a place is the top travel destination of the year. Most of them are probably quite accurate, but in all honesty, the one that should top the list every time is the land down under itself. For me, Australia is the ultimate travel destination for so many reasons. It would actually be easier to list the reasons not to travel to the land down under than it would to try and sell it to you. 


In fact, why are you even reading this article? Get yourself on Google Images and just look at those beautiful sandy beaches. Try to imagine yourself climbing the mountains of Wilpena Pound or staring down at the cliffs of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Not to mention, the typical tourist destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock/Uluru. If the great outdoors aren’t for you, then, just take a look at the high culture of Melbourne or bars of Sydney. Astonishing. Those are just some of the beautiful places for your dream vacations. There is literally something for everyone wishing to take a holiday to Australia to see those beautiful.


Go on, take a look. I won’t tell anybody.


The Great Ocean Road in Victoria
The Great Barrier Reef
wilpena pound

Still here? Alright, well I guess if you’re here for the long haul I better get writing.

The first thing to consider if you are hoping to travel Australia is despite its tiny population, Australia is vast. With its population mostly concentrated in the urban areas on the coast, statistics can sometimes be fairly misleading. For example, on average you are likely to find 3.2 people per square kilometer of Australia’s total land mass. If you live somewhere with a high population density such as the UK or Japan, this just boggles the mind.


The consequence of this is that in truth, Australia is mostly empty. Travel toward the center of Australia and you will quickly find yourself in vast, unspoiled land with little or no human settlement. Whether it is the ancient tropical forests of Queensland or the dusty post-apocalyptic deserts of the Australian Outback, it’s quite possible to find yourself completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Northern Territory

Numerous holiday package companies exist to take advantage of this, with many offering wilderness packages. They provide a safe way to tour the country and travel Australia’s vast regions in the most effective and enjoyable way possible. One common destination for those wishing to have a wild holiday in Australia is known as the Northern Territory. Not only will you find the Australian Outback here, with rural cities such as Alice Springs and Darwin, but a trip to the Red Centre will uncover the true majesty of nature. Untamed deserts of red sand surround vast stone monoliths - including one of the real icons of Australian tourism, Uluru (previously known as Ayer’s Rock).


While here, you will no doubt experience much of the 60,000 year legacy of the Aboriginal culture that echoes in the rocks and monuments throughout the area. If this cultural history is of interest to you, you must absolutely look up The Ghan Train. It is a three day and four-night expedition that cuts through the vast swathes of Australia’s rural territories. With local experiences and historical trips are woven into the itinerary, this trip should hit the top of your to-do list.


But if that all sounds like a little bit too much effort, then take some inspiration from the locals and take a trip down to the beach. Australia’s reputation for glorious sandy beaches and crystal clear water has been well earned. If you have even a partial interest in surfing, then Australia is the place to go.

Alice Spring
Ghan Train
Inside Ghan Train

Surfers Paradise

The landmark location for those wishing to travel Australia is imaginatively named “Surfers Paradise”. It is a tourist spot located in the heart of Gold Coast with approximately 41 miles south of state capital Brisbane. It has a huge range of accommodation to choose from and an active nightlife that stretches from dusk oil dawn. For someone looking to live the high life while they are in Australia then it is the best place for you. 


The main attraction, however, is the coast. It is one of the most popular surf beaches on the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise beach stretches for over 3km and is host to multiple festivals and events held throughout the year. The most popular of which is the Surfer’s Paradise Festival, which runs over four weekends between March and April every year. This event is the cornerstone of Gold Coast’s cultural development. It acts as a celebration of local music, food, fashion, film, and art - with screenings, street food markets, and exhibitions. It provides the solid background to a rich and vibrant festival.

Surfers paradise

Lucky Bay in South Australia

If you prefer the quieter life, you will not find a lack of options for your beach holiday to Australia. Less touristy destinations include Lucky Bay in South Australia. This is where you will find picturesque views and landmarks, including the aforementioned crystal clear water. If you’re lucky, you even have a chance to spot wild sea lions in the bay.


Which brings me to the next great reason to visit Australia, the wildlife. Sure, we’ve all heard the horror stories about spiders, insects and other wild animals. Those seem to be custom made to hunt humans, but the risks are in fact very limited. For those thrill seekers out there, you might like to investigate such locations as the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park. This is where you can pay to take a cruise on the Adelaide River to come face to face with Australia’s prehistoric crocodiles in action. You might even want to take advantage of the iconic Shark Cage Diving businesses that operate in South Australia. Who wouldn’t like to meet a Great White Shark? Oh, alright. Moving on.


Australia truly is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Regarded as the smallest continent and the largest island in the world, Australia is defined by its unique landscapes and unspoiled territory. Whatever you’re looking to do, a holiday to Australia will have it. With the added advantage of incredible temperatures, easy going locals and some of the greatest beaches anyone could ask for.


cross culture church
Royal Exhibition Building
melbourne trades hall
sydney opera house