65th Miss Universe
65th Miss Universe
65th Miss Universe

Beautiful ladies around the globe gather again for the 65th Miss Universe. This is one of the most awaited event every year. Delegates per participating country join in the hall to cheer on their contestant.This year, it will be hosted in the Philippines which is the homeland of Miss Universe 2016, Pia Alonzo Wurtzback. Imagine how great it will be to turn over your crown to the next hailed queen in your own homeland. It will be a moment of truth for Pia because after many waiting years she brought back the Miss Universe crown.

Everyone is excited for the big upcoming event showcasing different culture and talent of each participating contestant because everyone is looking forward for who will be the next Miss Universe. The search will be this coming January 30, 2017, Monday at 8:00am-11:00 am at Mall of Asia Arena, Philippines. Candidates already arrived in the country and they already began their activities for the pageant.They go for a tour to selected beautiful places in the Philippines. Watch their exclusive videos online as they roam around the beautiful places only in the country!

Miss Universe aims to show to the world that despite different races, we can still become one on this pageant. It shows unity and collaboration from each participating country bringing people together to cheer on their contestants. Through this, people from the other side of the world will be able to witness other cultures. We all look forward to this event yearly because we want to see how each contestant represents their country. We are excited to see a new thing, fashion, and talent.

Nowadays, we heard so many news about various terrorist attacks. We all know that there is no safe place in the world anymore because of the many threats. Hosting this kind of event is a big risk to the host country. Everyone around the globe is encouraged to cooperate in preserving peace and harmony, especially that the pageant is near. The host country is giving is 100% best effort in securing the candidates and giving them the most convenient and comfortable stay.

The Philippines is expecting more tourists and foreign visitors for this month of January 2017 to witness the beauty pageant. Everyone is encouraged to be very vigilant all the time and help secure the candidates and the host country because we do not know the danger that may arise during the event, especially if it is an international event. May the 65th Miss Universe be a success! And may the succeeding pageants continue to inspire and empower more women around the globe! Let us unite and be one in witnessing this event!

Things to remember for the Miss Universe live viewers.

  • Be vigilant.
  • Watch over your valuables.
  • Report unsuspicious occurrences immediately.
  • Know where the exits are in case of emergency.
  • Be formal and compose yourself.
  • Avoid cheering too loud.


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