2017: Make it a Year to Remember!
2017: Make it a Year to Remember!
2017: Make it a Year to Remember!

Hello, folks! Happy New Year! Welcome to the new page of your life. How’s everything after all those fireworks, buffet in the table, and your new years’ experience? I’m sure you had fun celebrating the first day of the year.  Everyone is excited creating a new list of things to do to make 2017  the best year to remember. isn't it?

As the year begins, make sure to plan ahead what you want to accomplish for the year. List down all the things you love to do and you can afford to do.  Sit in a corner and think the desires of your heart that you do not want to miss for this year.  Make sure that what you've listed will help you motivate yourself to go further.

Take a break once in a while and pamper yourself by doing what you love and feel to do. I know some have not fulfilled their all to do things last year but you are blessed to enjoy another year. You deserve to savor what you’ve worked hard for. Include in your annual budget a space for your recreation. Recreation is needed to recharge, to think well, and to know yourself more.

Consider these things in making 2017 the best year ever:

  • Travel Plans for the year - Thera are places you want to visit because you miss to visit it last year. Arrange it ahead so you can make it happen this year.


  • Developing new skills- It is necessary that you cultivate yourself to grow more because it will inspire you to do more knowing that you have the ability and the capacity to do things you love.


  • Adding new healthy hobby- Choose two to three things you want to add on your hobby list that will give a positive impact in your life.


  • Develop a new routine- Create a daily routine that is time-saving and will make you more effective and efficient.


  • Involving yourself to productive groups- Enroll yourself to clubs or community groups that aim to develop the goodness and wellness of the community. 


  • Cleaning up your closets and making new space for new things- Give up old things and start creating new space for new things. You can give it aways or sell it to add to your savings. Moreover, if you do this you will create that positive energy inside your room.

Make sure you are prepared for this year’s best offers to take you to your dream destinations. Every year you get the chance to fulfill all your fantasies in life. Choose a perfect travel agency partner that will help you arrange all your travel tours or if you have more budget consider hiring a travel planner to save more of your time and effort.  Don’t forget to prepare your travel checklist so everything runs smooth. You plan ahead to save time, energy, and money. Create wonderful memories and be excited to make this year 2017 a year to remember!


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