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Travel in Holiday is a travel blog that contains useful and informative articles about travelers around the globe. Through this travel blog, you will be given travel ideas such as the best travel destinations to consider, travel documents to prepare, and tips about do’s and don’ts when traveling the world. You can also expect more travel stories and experience to be posted in this travel blog to give you an insight on how their life has changed when they started to travel.


Travel In Holiday authors conducted thorough research and traveled a lot to understand how travel affects people's lives and so we could also share valuable travel ideas and travel inspirations to everyone especially for those who are not yet a traveler. Through Travel In Holiday, more people will see that there are more life and adventure to discover in this world.


What Does Travel Mean To You


To travel is my childhood dream. It gives life and happiness to me being in a new place. Watching a scene in a movie where the characters are in a very beautiful place, made me feel that I was there. I always imagine myself being on a beautiful beach, or even hiking in a mountain to see a scenic view.

Now, while searching for another place to visit, it pops up to my mind that I am already doing what I used to imagine when I was a child.  I have been in so many beautiful places in this world, beach, river, falls, and mountain? They became my stress reliever. Then a sudden question came into my mind, what does travel mean? When you go to different places does it mean you are traveling? Yes, it is, if you will base it in a Wikipedia. But if I will ask you right now, what does travel means to you?

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Do’s & Don’ts of International travel

While trаvеling саn bе intеrеsting, happy аnd even nесеssаrу аt timе, one shоuld tаkе care that thе еxреriеnсе shоuld nоt bе a problematic one. Fоr this trаvеlеrs shоuld fоllоw some bаsiс Dо’s аnd Don’ts, whiсh wоuld hеlр them in a long wау to еnsurе their оwn sаfеtу аs well аs thаt оf their fаmilу and luggаgе.

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Travel Documents

Travel documents are necessary when you wish to enter another country’s border. These are valuable things you need to carry along with you within the duration of your travel. Complete these travel documents so you're always on the go.

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Hiring A Travel Planner

They say that hiring a travel planner is value for your money. With this expert, there will be no waste of time, energy and money. Your trip will be well-planned and synchronized. Although you may pay a minimal fee for the services, you are guaranteed that your dream vacation is worth the fee. Hiring the holiday planner may also spell savings on your part. 

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"You don't have to be rich to travel well"

-Eugene Fodor